US Travel wants you to travel soon ? Really ?

US Travel wants you to travel soon ? Really ?

“Let’s go there” has one disclosure saying “When it’s time”, meant is tourism in the United States

US Travel today introduced its new initiative with industry leaders across the United States to help Americans to get excited about traveling again soon. Traveling is equal to happiness according to the organization

Thinking about a future trip is contributing to someone’s happiness according to research by US Travel, and the  “Let’s go there”, “Let’s go there soon, and soon” “Let’s meet there”  has been launched.

The largest travel organizations joined this campaign. The largest travel organizations are fighting for survival and quarantine rules are not the best message to get out of the squeeze and need for business.

The spokesperson for Marriott joined today’s US Travel press conference from one of its resorts pointing out visitors are having a good time.

US Travel said they will not support States to put quarantine rules in place, but refused to take a question from eTurboNews to respond to why COVID-19 numbers go up once quarantine is lifted. Examples are Spain and also Hawaii when the State allowed US Servicemen and their relatives and friends to enter without quarantine.

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Everyone can agree on a back to normal would be great, but can it be realistic? When can it be realistic, and how? Perhaps learn from Hawaii. A lockdown was put in place more than a week ago and record-high numbers of infections are going down again – significantly.  In the meantime, the essential travel and tourism industry is being destroyed. Would the industry be more destroyed in a long way if such strict rules were not put in place?  This is the question US travel cannot truthfully answer.

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