Not only Hilton quits New York Times Square

New York Tourism gets punched big time

Not only Hilton quits New York Times Square

Times Square is the Center of the World. Millions hear this every year when the ball drops for New Years in New York.

Hilton Times Square was originally built in 2000. The hotel features a modernist facade of geometric shapes in primary colors inspired by famed artist Piet Mondrian, plus a permanently lit grand marquee.

It became one of the icons of the Time Square Neighborhoods.
Rooms that sold for $720.00 in normal times are now available for $120.00 -

COVID-19 has been hitting the New York hospitality industry hard, and of course, it has been hitting the New York travel and tourism industry like a nuclear bomb would.

September 11 in 2001 killed 2977 people. The Hilton New York Times Square just opened and took a huge loss after the attack.

As of today, 33,065 people died in the State of New York on COVID-19. It is almost 12 times as many people compared to the attack on the Twin Towers.

Not only Hilton may be calling it quits. There may be a snowball in the making?

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