Cacao Bliss Reviews: How Real Is Danette May’s Guilt Free Cacao Bliss Chocolate?

Cacao Bliss Reviews: How Real Is Danette May’s Guilt Free Cacao Bliss Chocolate?

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Danette May’s Guilt Free Cacao Bliss Chocolate is a big hit with chocoholics who adore the velvety and sweet taste of the dark chocolate. Cacao Bliss comes as an alternative to the traditional dark chocolate that has the same cocoa taste, aroma and mouth-feel yet free from all those ingredients that can harm your health.  Being available in powdered form, it increases your options to use it. You can add it in drinks and smoothies and prepare desserts of your own choice. Cacao Bliss has made a large majority of people in the USA and Canada its fans. Cacao Bliss Reviews are full of praise for this superb and harmless chocolate that contains only healthful organic ingredients and is free from artificial sugar and fat.

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What makes Cacao Bliss different to commonly available dark chocolate?

There are two significant things that make Cacao Bliss a powerful superfood and distinguish it from the traditionally made dark or even white chocolates. First is the process of fermenting Cacao beans to extract their nibs and use them in chocolate. In making dark chocolate, the Cacao beans lose their natural and powerful nutrients and antioxidants. Cacao Bliss chocolate is processed following the ages old fermentation methodology which keeps the organic power of Cacao beans intact.

The second feature which makes Cacao Bliss “good-for-you” chocolate is that it contains no artificial natural sugar, fat or chemical preservatives like the contents of dark chocolates. Contrary to this there is a massive concentration of naturally resourced healthful ingredients in Cacao Bliss that have scientifically proven benefits for your health. They include Cacao Powder, Coconut milk powder, Turmeric Powder, Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Monk Fruit extract, Lucuma powder, Mesquite powder and Black Pepper. These ingredients supply your body with the much needed minerals, vitamins, nutrients and fibers. This is what makes Cacao Bliss safe and healthy chocolate that can be consumed without having any guilt of damaging your health.

What does “Healthy Chocolate Decadence” mean?

The presenter of Cacao Bliss calls eating her chocolate “Healthy Chocolate Decadence”. The phrase eludes to several health benefits of Cacao Bliss that range from improving your mood instantly to regulate sugar, cholesterol and hormones levels in your body and activate your cognitive functions. It can be eaten without any clinical reservation.

Who is Danette May?

The unique Cacao Bliss chocolate was introduced by Danette May who is famed as the health and fitness coach, writer and motivation speaker in the USA. Her research on healthy food took years to finalize a recipe that can cure her clients from cravings for junk foods, drinks and chocolates. She contends that depression and anxiety lead many of us to take unhealthy foods and suffer guilt afterwards. To come out of the resultant anxiety, these people again resort to instant energizers and it becomes a vicious circle that never ends up.

She came up with Cacao Bliss and applied her superfood formula on herself first. Later she helped a great number of people and changed their lives by helping them achieve their health and fitness goals. She is now one of the most famous health and fitness trainers in the USA whose product has created a large fan group not only in America but also in Canada.

What are the benefits of eating Guilt-Free Cacao Bliss Chocolate?

Usually the traditional chocolate is known as mood and energy booster. Cacao Bliss not only elates your mood and fills you with energy but also provides you with several other healthful benefits. Each ingredient of Cacao is dense with innumerable nutrients and antioxidants proven by the modern scientific researches. The rich concentration of carotene, riboflavin and thiamine found in Cacao beans regulates a healthy flow of blood to your body and the brain and lets you feel active, responsive and buoyant.

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The caffeine and theobromine in Cacao Bliss reinforce the cognitive responses and increase your mental stamina, enhance verbal fluency and remove lethargy, sluggishness and fatigue. You feel energetic and stress-free throughout the day. The medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) in Cacao Bliss chocolate are supportive to maintain gut health, enhance metabolism, balance hormones production and create feelings of satiety and fullness. The minerals and vitamins of Cacao Bliss prevent inflammation in joints and cure joint pain and prevent risk of preeclampsia. Cacao Bliss contains over 300 phytonutrients and this rare concentration of healthful elements makes it a surprisingly unique superfood which brings enormous advantages to your health and wellbeing. The most astonishing feature of this unique chocolate is that it is absolutely free from all harmful side effects. This is the reason that its manufacturer terms it as “Bliss” chocolate.

How Turmeric, Black Pepper and Cinnamon make Cacao Bliss Chocolate more effective for your health?

Addition of Turmeric, Black Pepper and Cinnamon empowers Cacao Bliss with more medicinal properties. These natural herbs are effective to prevent and cure inflammation and soothe sore muscles. They are also helpful for ensuring a healthy aging process and cleanse your liver. They are also useful for balancing the glucose level in body and eliminating the risk of heart disease and regulate the blood pressure.

How does Cacao Bliss Chocolate improve your mood?

Packed with natural power of Cacao beans, Cacao Bliss contains Phenylethylamine (PEA) and Polyphenol which form a molecule, termed as “Bliss Molecule”. It activates the neurotransmitters in your brain that create feelings of joy and elation. Thus, Cacao Bliss works as an instant mood therapy and eliminates occasional emotional stress, boredom and depression.

How can you enjoy Cacao Bliss?

There are multiple ways to consume the healthy Cacao Bliss chocolate. You can add its scoop in your tea, coffee or smoothies, make chocolate or desserts and enjoy this energizing and invigorating superfood whenever you like.

Final Verdict

Cacao Bliss Chocolate has proven itself as the healthiest alternative to the traditional chocolate which is hazardous to human health for being crammed with sugar, fat and food preservatives. Cacao Bliss contains only those ingredients that are thought to be the best ones in the storehouse of nature your health. It is therefore enormously supportive to maintain health and wellbeing and lets you enjoy the traditional gooey taste and sweet whiff of chocolate.

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