Taiwan’s airline to fly Kaohsiung-Seoul route


Taiwan’s Mandarin Airlines is expected to launch its first Kaohsiung-Seoul direct charter flight at the end of October and begin regularly scheduled service on the route starting in December.
Mandarin Airlines, which will become the only airline currently flying the route, said its new flight service will provide convenience and save time for passengers traveling between the southern city and the Korean capital.

Taiwan’s Uni Air had offered regularly scheduled service between the two destinations, but canceled the route Aug. 15.

Mandarin Airlines’ first charter flight is scheduled to depart from Kaohsiung International Airport Oct. 29, while the returning flight will take off from Seoul’s Incheon International Airport the next day.

The company said that it will fly two charters a week serving only tour groups between Oct. 29 and Nov. 30, but will expand that to four regularly scheduled flights a week, beginning Dec. 1, that will be open to all travelers.

Several domestic travel agencies will collaborate with the airline in organizing group tours to Seoul during the charter period, the carrier said.

China Airlines, Mandarin Airlines’ parent company, also noted that it will craft short-term theme tours in Korea to coincide with the new link.

China Airlines said the new route reflects its emphasis on the southern Taiwan market, following an increase in flights between Kaohsiung and Manila Oct. 1.