Thailand to re-open Phuket to foreign visitors on October 1

Thailand to re-open Phuket to foreign visitors on October 1

Thailand has announced that it will open Phuket to overseas tourists from October 1, but foreigners will have to comply with a mandatory two-week quarantine.

According to the reports, the head of the National Tourism Administration of Thailand, Yutasak Supasorn, indicated that the opening of the island is a rehearsal for the opening of the entire country. But the rules for entering the kingdom will remain very strict.

The tourists will be required to arrive to Thailand via Phuket airport, for a minimum period of 30 days, 14 of which will be quarantined in the hotel room.

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Depending on the resort, vacationers will be able to access the open area of ​​the hotel during self-isolation or even access the beach. During this period, the visitors will have to pass 2 PCR tests for COVID-19.

It is also advisable to have a negative test for COVID-19 upon arrival in Phuket.

In order to be able to travel to other provinces of Thailand, after two weeks of quarantine, the visitors will need to pass a third test for COVID-19.

The list of countries whose citizens can arrive on the island has not yet been published.

It was previously planned to keep the kingdom closed until 2021.


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