One person killed, ten injured in major hotel fire in Spain

Tourist dies in Costa del Sol hotel inferbo

One person killed, ten injured in major hotel fire in Spain

One person died and at lest ten were injured in major hotel fire at Sisu Boutique Hotel in Puerto Banus, Spain.

The blaze erupted shortly after 6am local time, amid multiple reports of flames reaching high above the hotel.

Some media are reporting guests were forced to leap from balconies following an explosion.

Firefighters and other first responders arrived quickly on the scene and set up a security cordon as they battled to save the building. They managed to successfully quell the fire before it could completely incinerate the hotel and another nearby structure.

Firefighters discovered the remains of a tourist in their room while carrying out a search of the building after the fire had been brought under control. A police spokesperson said the as yet unidentified man died “while trying to escape the flames.”

About 10 people were treated for smoke inhalation, four people were hospitalized.

Marbella Mayor Angeles Munoz thanked first responders for their lightning fast response in controlling and extinguishing the blaze before it could spread and wreak further havoc.



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