Seychelles Tourism is optimistic: Listen in why on

Seychelles COVID-19 travel procedures

Seychelles Tourism is optimistic: Listen in why on

Seychelles almost finished establishing an out of the box approach to get tourism back on track.

eTurboNews Readers yesterday met Seychelles Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marines, the Hon. Didier Dogley. With him, Seychelles Tourism CEO Sherin Francis and other senior officials from the private industry attended a session to discuss the future of tourism in Seychelles with COVID-19

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Seychelles is a classical example of a destination that could easily guarantee social distancing. An out of the box approach now even secures a quarantine  hotel, where guests that are tested positive for COVID-19 can still continue to enjoy their holidays

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) is to achieve for Seychelles the status of the most desirable island destination on the market offering the unique Seychellois way of life, at a price that is competitive and within a sustainable, eco-friendly environment which is protective of Seychelles’ natural beauty, assets, and cultural heritage.

The discussion was co-chaired by Dr. Taleb Rifai, former secretary-general UNWTO, and the host is Juergen Steinmetz, CEO of TravelNewsGroup

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB), is a public/private sector body headed by CEO Mrs. Sherin Francis, with Mrs. Kathleen Mason as the Chairperson.

This was an event hosted by

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