COVID-19: Honolulu may become another New York City warns mayor Caldwell

COVID-19: Honolulu may become another New York City warns mayor Caldwell

Honolulu Mayor Caldwell warns more people could be dying, and Honolulu could become like New York. Today Hawaii recorded 140 new cases of COVID-19 infections, and 3 more died in the Aloha State. Numerous clusters are reported from Honolulu.

Mayor Caldwell said: “We the people of this beautiful but fragile island need to come together. We need to save us, each of us, our loved once and yes also save our economy.

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It’s about life and death now, and a healthy economy is depending on a healthy population.

An outbreak at the Honolulu City Hall, known as Honolulu Hale is hitting home for Mayor Caldwell. He himself was tested and is expecting a result later today.

The mayor was disturbed that the military and their friends were allowed to bypass State quarantine restrictions and assured this is now in place. Caldwell did not about the extent of an outbreak at a military installation on Oahu and urged Federal Authorities to share such data and coordinate efforts.

Honolulu county has a task force of 160 additional enforcement agencies arresting people who are caught at beaches, parks, violate the hotel or home quarantine laws. It includes people caught outside or in stores or closed buildings without wearing a facemask.

There are no more warnings and fines or jail time is the consequence for anyone ignoring the new 4-week order by Mayor Caldwell.

It’s not the time for tourism right now, even though the economy in the State is on the verge of collapse.

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