Reopening Tanzania Tourism Mafia Island Style

Reopening Tanzania Tourism Mafia Island Style

A persona around the idea of “new tourism”: Slow, immersive, kind, local, sustainable, climate-friendly.

This type of new tourism includes food, drinks, dancing, swimming, white sandy beaches, diving, bird watching, turtle hatching, a lighthouse, nature walks, and an amazing cultural experience. All of this comes with a climate-friendly focus and is designed to leave COVID-19 far behind you, but be prepared for it, as it is like no other place on Earth.

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Tanzania and Zanzibar have reopened to a new kind of tourism. Peter Byrne, CEO of Mafia Island in Tanzania, developed a 20-point approach and introduced it at the platform: “Let’s build a persona around the idea of ‘new tourism’ (slow, immersive, kind, local, sustainable, climate-friendly) with hospitality back, front, and center – as in ‘hospitable’ not impersonal.”

With hardly any cases of coronavirus in this East African country, the private industry has taken a lead in developing a new kind of approach that can be adopted by a number of niche market destinations. Mafia Island is a world-class beach and diving destination in Tanzania.

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