Hawaii COVID 19 situation catastrophic: More restrictions announced

Oahu beaches closing , Quarantine reinstated for inter-island travel

Hawaii COVID 19 situation catastrophic: More restrictions announced

Coronavirus put the State of Hawaii is in a dire situation. Officials are in a desperate fight to stop the spread of the virus.

The AlohA State was seen as an example in the United States when it comes to the outbreak of COVID-19 the numbers of infections are spreading now throughout all communities, just 3-4 weeks after the State partially opened.

Tourism was never implemented again, requiring visitors to stay in hotel rooms for a mandatory 2 weeks quarantine.

An alarming number of positive cases were reported with about 200 today. This is the new reality in the State of Hawaii. Based on percentage Hawaii moved from the lowest number in the case increased to one of the highest in the United States. Dr. Anderson said, the State can expect 500 and more cases a day soon.

“It’s a dire situation. It may be catastrophic- and it seems to be the course Hawaii is going.” This is the message by Dr. Anderson today at the Governor Press Conference in Honolulu. Percentage-wise the increase in cases is rapidly moving Hawaii to the most alarming section of the list of COVID-19 list of States in the US.

10% of the cases require hospitalization, and Hawaii is facing a health care crisis, specifically on Oahu. The implementation and community increase after Hawaii’sreopening start are the result. 115 cases of hospitalizations out of 117 are on Oahu.

The virus is deeply seeded in crowded communities on Oahu, specifically in families that live in large households in crowded conditions. Care homes are free of COVID-19 at this time. Hawaii got an early handle of the disease, but it wasn’t enough and the virus is spreading among all races and communities.  The virus is an epidemic in Hawaii.

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Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell announced: “Act with care- do not gather”

As of August 7 until September 5, all 300 parks on the islands will be closed. All beaches fronting those parts will be closed. There will be no activities allowed on the beach. Surfing is swimming is allowed, including restrooms, but beaches cannot be used. All campgrounds will be closed, as well as botanical gardens.

All parking lots will be closed. Parking lots are only open to get to the voting mailbox. Private tennis clubs and pools will be closed. Public and private golf courses will be closed. All team sports are suspended through September 5.

Bowling, arcades will be closed. No group classes are allowed in fitness centers.

Caldwell warned there will be enforcement. The Honolulu Police Department (HPD) Chief explained:
She said enforcement will be the key. HPD will establish a COVID hotline to report violators at 808-723-3900 [email protected]

Honolulu Police will have an additional 160 officers 7 days a week assigned for strategic enforcement.  There will be citations or arrests and only very few warnings. “I am begging you”, the HPD chief says.

Governor Ige earlier announced the reimplementation of a 14-day quarantine as of August 11 for passengers traveling between the Hawaiian Islands. The same restriction remains in place for all other flights to the US mainland and international.

Hawaii was supposed to lift the quarantine requirements for visitors on September 1. This seems to become more and more unlikely at this time.

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