The killing machine by protesters in Berlin makes Germans angry

The killing machine by protesters in Berlin makes Germans angry

Some say 10,000, others say hundreds of thousands of German demonstrators were out on the streets of Berlin today and put 83 million fellow citizens in harm’s way. They all got away with it. The death toll will not be known for another few weeks, but Germans are angry. They are not angry because of the necessary COVID-19 restrictions but against protesters today.  Protesting is guaranteed by the German constitution, but should this be allowed, if it kills others?

German artist Oliver Wnuk posted on his Facebook today.

“It makes me sad:

What and against whom was demonstrated in Berlin today leaves me stunned, empty and helpless. Fellow citizens from all political camps unite to follow a common stance on Covid-19: For me personally completely incomprehensible, radical, political ideologies; irresponsible behavior based on misinformation and an amazingly narrow, selective perception.

If the numbers in Berlin are soaring soon, you will not be able to avoid the personal question of guilt.

And if someone in your family falls ill with it – which I obviously do not hope – will suffer from the consequential damage or even die – who do you give responsibility for?

If we are put in a second lockdown, which is likely to hit us all a lot harder, I am afraid in which direction your crazy world view will lead you.

Everyone’s ego is capable of a great deal; if you feel threatened by something, some go into the attack – but this behavior makes me fundamentally doubt you and honestly: you scare me.

However, if that is what you wanted to achieve today: scaring those who think differently, it will probably have been the only thing you have achieved.

We have extremely big problems in the country – all over the world – in my personal opinion, everyone should show the solidarity and prudence that they are able to show.

I have to sleep on it for one night. Good night, Germany. # covid_19 #demo #mask and #distance @dunjahayali Insightful video from the demo today, thanks! #corona #fear See Less


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