94% of American families are hitting the road to find happiness

94% of American families are hitting the road to find happiness

The results  of the first ever Road to Wellness survey were released today. The survey found that 94% of North American families feel less stressed and are happier and healthier after taking a road trip and spending time outdoors. Other key survey findings include:

• The open road is a welcome relief: 71% of respondents who had to cancel their summer travel plans are now considering alternative vacation options, such as a road trip, as a result of COVID-19

• Air travel is still a hassle: 65% of parents said they consider it easier to drive with children than to fly, with 75% of respondents noting they would describe their last road trip as a “much needed escape” and would plan to take one again soon

• Quarantine companions are key: 70% of respondents noted they would rather go on a road trip with family or a significant other than go alone

• Remote workers have caught the travel bug: WFH workers are 2.5 times more likely to say they would take more road trips if they had access to an RV, with 72% of respondents reporting they are planning to take more road trips as a result of widespread work-from-home policies due to COVID-19

• Parents find kids are more appreciative on road trips: Of the parents surveyed, 93% said they feel more bonded with their children when on a road trip, with 75% adding that their kids say “thank you” more often when on vacation

• Van life sees no age: Among the demographics surveyed, Millennials are 2.13 times more likely than any other generation to spend their COVID-related stimulus funds on a road trip this year and Boomers are 1.8 times more likely to opt out of plane travel this summer due to COVID-19


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