WISeKey launches WISeTravel, the future tourism app you won’t want to leave home without

WISeKey launches WISeTravel, the future tourism app you won’t want to leave home without

WISeKey International Holding Ltd., a leading global cybersecurity and IoT company, today announced the launch of WISeTravel, a free app for travelers. For more information, please visit www.wisetravel.io.

The world is facing a new normal. The COVID-19 global pandemic and the intensifying climate crisis are creating
disruptions, threats and challenges to people and planet on an unprecedented scale.

Travel & Tourism, which drives 10% of the global economy, was brought to a standstill by COVID-19 and like so
much of our familiar world, it will be very different in the future. There is a massive and chaotic scale, scope and
pace of change. The sector is struggling to build recovery strategies amidst great uncertainty. Travelers are
confused by the overlapping stop-go dynamics of global and local responses, and increasingly they demand
health-compliant, green, climate friendly options.

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WISeTravel, a consortium led by WISeKey SA (CH) and Climate Friendly Travel Services (UK/BE) has developed a
digital innovation to help consumers navigate the uncertainty and enjoy new travel experiences:

A free App for travelers – branded for stakeholders

➔ A Secure Wallet for all information a traveler needs on a trip
➔ A unique, heavily protected Digital Travel Identity
➔ A Health compartment for essential certificates
➔ A Safe Travel compartment with holders of WTTC’s safe travel stamp
➔ A Carbon Accounting compartment for personal GHG offsets
➔ A Green compartment showcasing responsible companies & communities
➔ A Climate compartment showing the SUNx Malta Climate Neutral Registry

The “Swiss Army Knife for the New Normal Traveler”, keeping all essential travel items in one secure digital wallet.

“I’ll never leave home without it.”

Carlos Creus Moreira, Co-Chair
Prof. Geoffrey H. Lipman, Co-Chair
Christoph H.L. Klenner, CEO



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