UAE Conducted 2 Million COVID-19 Tests, 2 Million More to be Done

Reopening plans still on target

UAE Conducted 2 Million COVID-19 Tests, 2 Million More to be Done

The UAE conducted 2 million COVID-19 tests already as of the ending part of May ever since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, officials said on Monday night. The Ministry of Health and Prevention conducted 41,202 tests nationwide in the past day, taking the total to 2,044,493, and it plans to do more – 2 million more in the next 8 weeks. This represents 20% of its population.

The United Arab Emirates announced its testing plans after the infection rate began to surge again in recent days. Most of the UAE’s counter-virus restrictions were lifted in recent weeks following significant drops in the numbers of recorded cases. Yet, over the weekend, that figure began to climb again, and on Monday, 528 new cases were recorded, raising the total count to more than 52,000 with 324 dead. Three people who had tested positive died because of complications. In the past 24 hours, another 601 patients recovered from the virus. To date, the UAE has had 15,657 recoveries.

The UAE still plans to go forward with reopening. On Tuesday, foreign visitors will once again be allowed to enter Dubai after months of lockdown. “While it is worrying to see a slight increase in cases in the past few days, it is a reminder that we all should be responsible and committed to the health instructions,” said government spokesperson Amna al-Shamsi on Monday.

The UAE has imposed strict measures to contain the outbreak, which included urging families to celebrate Eid at home and keeping mosques closed.

“There is a new reality that has been imposed on us in the way we treat each other and communicate, even within the same family,” said Abdulrahman Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention. “It is a different Eid for all the families who had to stay home and avoid gatherings. It’s been different for doctors and volunteers, paramedics, nurses, sterilization teams … all are heroes. Our frontline healthcare providers are spending Eid at hospitals across the country, caring for COVID-19 patients and testing hundreds of cases. We highly appreciate their relentless efforts.”


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