Jordan Hotels Association issues post-COVID-19 operational protocols

Jordan Hotels Association issues post-COVID-19 operational protocols

The Jordan Hotels Association has developed a guidebook for the conduct of hotel operations in Jordan after the COVID-19 pandemic. This guidebook has been distributed to more than 500 joint tourism establishments around the Kingdom with membership in the association.

Jordanian Hotels Association General Manager Vatché Yergatian, points out the importance of these protocols to ensure the safety of hotel visitors in Jordan and to help the sector’s recovery.

“Through this guidebook we seek to find an appropriate solution to overcome the severe damage caused to the hospitality sector due to the pandemic and focus on preserving the safety and security of hotel visitors, which must be positively reflected in the promotion and encouragement of internal tourism. To achieve all of this, we have set complementary guidelines and procedures that must be adopted in addition to the standards originally applied by hotels.”

The procedures are based on guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and the Ministry of Environment, in addition to the best practices followed by the World Tourism Organization and international hotel management companies.

The procedures also provide detailed instructions and procedures for employee hygiene practices, standards for services and processes including cleaning and sanitation, safe operation of facilities, as well as waste management and public area management. These procedures also include standards for food and drink production and service, hospitality services, merchandise reception from vendors, and many other aspects.

To support the adoption and adherence of the procedures, the Jordan Hotels Association will hold training courses for all member hotels, with the aim of ensuring that guidelines and procedures are followed and implemented to the highest standards.


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