Thailand and Hawaii set global trends for reopening tourism?

Thailand and Hawaii set global trends for reopening tourism?

There is no room in the current global COVID-19 crisis to not face reality. Mr. Thanet Supornsahasrungsi acting President of the Tourism Council of the Chonburi Province,  which includes Pattaya wasn’t shy when laying out his thoughts about the future of Tourism to Thailand.

Mr. Supornsahasrungsi is telling it the way it is. His brave statement may have made Thailand a global trendsetter in just telling the truth.

Amazing Thailand will even be more amazing when the land of smiles will be allowed to welcome foreign visitors with open arms again.  According to Thanet this may not happen until next year.

Thailand has the virus under control. Currently, there are only 78 active cases in this country of almost 70 million people. Today only one infection in the country was reported.

Better safe than sorry is what Thai authorities decided when it comes to protecting its citizens. Should the rest of the world learn from Thailand?

European and American Tourists may not be able to visit Thailand until the summer of 2021. Chinese Tourists could be welcomed to the Kingdom as early as February 21 on time for Chinese New Year.

This year (2020) Chinese New Year happened in the midst of the outbreak of Coronavirus and travel was stopped by authorities for the most part.

International flights to Thailand are on hold until September, as reported earlier on eTurboNews.

Mr. Supornsahasrungsi is also the spokesperson for the Pattaya City Council  and Group Executive Director at Sunshine Hotels & Resorts.

Mr. Supornsahasrungsi voiced his concern at a Destinations Update webinar by the Tourism Authority of Thailand yesterday. This statement may explain why Thailand has not issued any official guidelines regarding opening its borders for international travel.

Amazing Thailand means amazing protection for the Thai People – and a clear message the Kingdom sets for health over-tourism business.

How the travel and tourism industry in the Kingdom can survive is a separate issue of course. More important is that all the people of Thailand can survive Coronavirus.

The mindset by Thai authorities seems to be very similar to the mindset Hawaii officials are demonstrating when it comes to reopening the tourism industry in the United States. A struggle between economic needs, health, and tourism is unfolding in this island state as reported earlier by eTurboNews. So far the Aloha State had been able to keep the virus under control in keeping visitors out. Should Hawaii learn from Thailand in being even more patient in view of renewed outbreaks in the rest of the U.S., Europe, China  and Africa?


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