911 down in the entire US? Warning when using T-Mobile cell phones

T-mobile under attack ?

911 down in the entire US? Warning when using T-Mobile cell phones

Calling 911 will result in silence when using your T-mobile cell phone in the United States today. The emergency lifeline has been unreachable almost anywhere in the United States,

Is there an ongoing cyberattack on the US cell-phone network? When calling t-mobile customer service, that number is also down. Signing into an account – not possible.

“Our engineers are working to resolve widespread voice and text issues. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and hope to have this fixed shortly. In the meantime, we recommend using third-party connections, like FaceTime or WhatsApp.” This is the message put hours after the situation on the t-mobile website.

Calling 911 on WhatsApp or Facetime is not an option, and payphones are no longer readily available.

Anyone with a T-mobile cell phone was unable to make or receive phone calls for hours already, and there is no end time insight.

eTurboNews newsroom switched their “stay home” T-mobile cell phone to zoom and rerouted switchboard numbers to zoom. Many t-mobile customers are getting creative to stay in touch and stay in business.

There is no word why and when, so it may be time to look at AT&T, Sprint, or Spectrum to get alternative phone services.

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