The Mattress Industry In 2020 And Beyond

The Mattress Industry In 2020 And Beyond

Everybody needs their beauty sleep, it’s as essential as the air we breathe. The young, the old, even animals need some shut-eye. And now, with the coronavirus pandemic, it’s almost as if we’ve all been sent to our rooms and bed seems to be the most popular hangout spot. In normal times, 30% of our time goes towards sleep. As for right now, the figure is probably higher. Some simply have nothing better to do than sleep and this makes mattresses one of the hottest products right now.

With all that time spent in bed, people are realizing they need new beds and the mattress industry isn’t sleeping on the job.

Sleeping Giants Awake

Research done by suggest that the mattress market is expected to grow by hundreds of millions in the next five years. Mattress companies are doing everything they can to adapt to the changes coming their way. From focusing on online sales to gathering sleep data, they’re doing their best to stay ahead of the game. Contactless delivery, intensified hygiene efforts; these are some of the tactics used by the industry to ensure that it survives and thrives. Supply chains are shortening, lead times are lowering and safety is being taken very seriously.

When routines are interrupted, as they are now, sleep helps to iron out the inconsistencies. When one is overwhelmed with anxiety, sleep makes it better and when exhaustion is just too much to take, sleep provides an escape. While it’s a scary time for us all, it’s an exciting time for the mattress industry, especially in America where more and more people become bedridden from the virus, while countless others struggle with sleep issues like insomnia. The industry knows the importance of its role, however, as demonstrated in its efforts in the fight against the virus.

The Right Side of the Bed

The International Sleep Products Association, fully aware of the growth projections has been actively involved in the fight against COVID-19. Tempur Sealy, one of the biggest names in the mattress industry, is reportedly producing more than 20 000 mattresses a day to help respond to viral infections. Everton Mattress warmed hearts around the world by making 5000 masks and distributing them among essential workers like firefighters, the police and of course healthcare workers.

Sleeping with One Eye Open

Trends in the mattress industry are changing. As of now, we expect the most sought after mattresses to be those that are antimicrobial, antifungal and easy to clean. Fluid proof mattresses are also set to be a major seller. With some hospitals anticipating more patients than they can currently take, more beds are going to be needed. With hospitals being built in a manner of weeks and self-isolation becoming more popular; mattresses, single mattresses especially, will sell like hot cakes. Free shipping and a long sleep trial also make buying a mattress easier than ever before.

Green-eyed Monsters

Never has it been more important to go green as a business. Sustainable manufacturing processes as well as eco-friendly materials are a priority now. Mattress manufacturers are turning their attention to organic or natural materials. Most of them are trying as much as possible to get certification proving their mattresses don’t have harmful substances. Mattresses made from natural materials always seem to last longer than those made from synthetic ones. Wool, for example, is known for its ability to prevent moisture; a major culprit in the spread of the Coronavirus.

The Mattress Industry In 2020 And Beyond

And So to Bed

Mattress companies are seeing a jump in their social media followings and website visits, and it’s no surprise considering that the world has been thrust into unfamiliar territory.

Many employees are working from home; Twitter for example, announced to its staff that they could work from home indefinitely. And with people panicking about the pandemic, sleep is proving to be very therapeutic for those anxious about the virus. In fact, cat naps have never been more crucial to mental health.

Relevance has suddenly been thrust upon the mattress industry and companies are running around to prove their worth in salt.

Maybe you’re self-isolating in an RV somewhere, maybe you’re lying in a hospital ward or maybe you just can’t share a bed with anyone right now. Whatever your situation, wherever you are, chances are; you need a mattress. After all, those who lie with dogs will rise with fleas, so don’t let the bed bugs bite!