Emirates Airline Flights Resume Today May 21

What to expect before you travel

Emirates Airline Flights Resume Today May 21

Emirates Airline flights resumed today, May 21, 2020. The airline announced it will resume scheduled passenger services to 9 destinations, with connections via Dubai offered only to passengers traveling between the UK and Australia.

To get the latest flight schedules, visit emirates.com and remember to check travel eligibility updates as passengers will only be accepted if they comply with their destination’s entry criteria and regulations from their respective country of residence.

The airline has been busy enhancing its products and services to not just provide a better flying experience, but also ensure passenger safety. For those flying soon, it would be wise to read through Emirates’ network and services page to find out about current dining, inflight retail, and other services.

As passenger operations start to pick up, Emirates SkyCargo has been active throughout this period, adding several new routes to transport essential goods, including much-needed medical supplies, to support economies and communities around the world.

Safety measures

In coordination with the Dubai Health Authority, Emirates Airline flights will have staff conducting on-site rapid COVID-19 tests for those flying to countries which have requested them and thermal testing for all passengers. All aircraft have enhanced cleaning and disinfection processes in Dubai after each journey.

Health and well-being

From personal protective equipment (PPE) for cabin crew and airport teams, to protective barriers at check-in and to modified inflight services, Emirates has stepped up safety measures for customers and employees at the airport and on board.

Before you travel

– Bring gloves and masks for every flight

– Online Check-in services are currently unavailable

– Arrive at the airport 4 hours before your flight

– Do not bring hand luggage for your flight

– Expect thermal screening and other COVID tests

– Maintain social distancing throughout the flight


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