2020’s Best & Worst Cities for Staycations named

2020’s Best & Worst Cities for Staycations named

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With the travel and tourism industries gutted by COVID-19 and travelers opting to stay close to home this summer, travel experts today released the report on 2020’s Best & Worst Cities for Staycations.

To identify the best spots for staying local, the report authors compared more than 180 cities across 15 key indicators of a fun-filled yet wallet-friendly staycation. The data set ranged from parks per capita to the average home square footage and the idealness of summer weather.

Best Cities for Staycations Worst Cities for Staycations
1. Plano, TX 173. San Jose, CA
2. Boise, ID 174. Oceanside, CA
3. Tampa, FL 175. Stockton, CA
4. Charleston, SC 176. Fremont, CA
5. Lincoln, NE 177. Oxnard, CA
6. Fort Smith, AR 178. Oakland, CA
7. Scottsdale, AZ 179. Providence, RI
8. Grand Prairie, TX 180. Warwick, RI
9. Austin, TX 181. Chula Vista, CA
10. Orlando, FL 182. Pearl City, HI

Best vs. Worst

  • New York City has the most parks (per square root of population), 1.474633, which is 23.9 times more than in Hialeah, Florida, the city with the fewest at 0.061587.
  • San Francisco has the most bike rental facilities (per square root of population), 0.060037, which is 49.4 times more than in Detroit, the city with the fewest at 0.001215.
  • San Francisco has the most walking routes (per square root of population), 39.164353, which is 31.7 times more than in El Paso, Texas, the city with the fewest at 1.234185.
  • Fort Smith, Arkansas, has the lowest average price of pizza, $8.00, which is 1.9 times lower than in Stockton, California, the city with the highest at $15.25.


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