5 Things That You Need To Know About New Zealand Visa Online (NZeTA)

5 Things That You Need To Know About New Zealand Visa Online (NZeTA)

If you are wondering what NZeTA is, and how it can help you travel New Zealand, then you’ve landed here correctly. Read the article to know everything about NZeTA:

Visa Waiver Countries

The first thing that you need to understand is that not all countries need NZeTA. If you belong to a country that is non-Visa Waiver, like China and India, then you wouldn’t require an NZeTA. You will either have to apply through an embassy or through using a visitor visa online. However, citizens that are from “visitor visa waiver countries” can apply online for NZeTA to visit New Zealand. They can surely purchase an NZeTA before arrival. For instance, Australian citizens can freely visit New Zealand. Even the permanent residents of Australia wouldn’t need to apply for an eTA visa.

Visa waiver countries, which can apply for eTA, include places from Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Asia, and Africa. You can check online for more information on New Zealand VISA and an up-to-date list of official visa waiver countries.

Coming on an Alternative Visa

The second thing that you need to know that you probably wouldn’t need an NZeTA in case you are visiting New Zealand via an alternative visa. When you belong to a place that comes under the category of “visa waiver countries” and you are aiming to travel New Zealand as a visitor, only then you need to purchase an eTA. But, if you are already coming through another visa, such as student visa, paid visitor visa, working holiday visa, work permit, etc. then, you wouldn’t require to purchase an NZeTA. It is because you have paid the fees before to purchase a New Zealand Visa.

NZeTA is Valid for Multiple Visits

Next, you need to understand that you don’t require an NZeTA every time you plan to visit New Zealand. Once your eTA for New Zealand (NZeTA) has been approved, you can freely expect multiple visits. An NZeTA is actually valid from the approval date for up to 24 months. It means that after you have got your electronic visa, you are allowed to pay visits to New Zealand anytime you want within two years. You can potentially save yourself from getting another NZeTA when returning to New Zealand. However, you will have to purchase a new one after two years.

Flight & Cruise Ship Passengers

It doesn’t matter if you are a flight passenger or ship cruise passenger, an NZeTA is valid under both the situations. If you are wondering what transport I should use when travelling to New Zealand, then you must not worry at all. As long as you are from visa waiver countries, you can visit New Zealand with the help of eTA regardless of which transport you choose to travel. Countries include Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Sweden, UK, USA, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, etc. So if you come by flight or cruise ship, you can surely enter New Zealand.

Immigration New Zealand App

You must know that there is an immigration New Zealand app that you can use to apply for an eTA. An app is an affordable option rather than using the website. It costs around NZ$9 when purchasing the NZeTA through the immigration app. But, if you are applying through the immigration New Zealand website, it will cost you around NZ$12.

Furthermore, it is quicker to apply through the immigration New Zealand app. In order to complete the details needed, you would only have to scan your passport with an app. You can later scan your credit card or debit card to pay the purchasing fee. However, on the website, you will have to spend more time filling the passport and card details manually.