Top 5 Reasons to Visit Cuba

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Cuba

If you have planned to visit Cuba, you will never regret your decision. Ever since its relations with the US evolved, the number of tourists visiting this destination has increased drastically. It has plenty of attractions and is also acknowledged as one of the largest islands in the Caribbean. There are so many reasons to visit Cuba that narrowing down the list to just five sounds unfair. Continue reading to learn about them:

  1. It is Still in Its Pristine Form

Although political isolation had caused much damage to its global image but surely helped in preserving its original architecture. Many experts believe, Cuba remains undiscovered and there is a lot for the world to know. It has hundreds of white sandy beaches that have still not been overrun by tourists. Luckily, its Islands have still not been touched by local running outlets such as Starbucks and MacDonald’s. So if you have plans for travelling to an authentic destination, Cuba is the perfect choice in the first place.

  1. It is a Living Museum

If you are fascinated by history and arts, Cuba is the perfect example. If you feel like going back in time, you can walk through the iconic streets of Havana. Interestingly, Fidel Castro, a political leader, banned all imported goods from the US back in 1960. This has caused this small country to improve the quality of its goods to skyrocketing levels. So whatever your purchase from Cuba will be a memory for a lifetime. One of the easiest examples is of the iconic 50s style American cars on the Cuban streets. Cuba is a dream come true destination of any fanatic history student.

  1. Beaches Are Beautiful

How many days have you planned to live in this state? When you search for Visa Cuba Online, don’t forget to register for a few weeks. Not to forget, Cuba is a beautiful state that is mind-boggling. A few days over there won’t be enough for you. Especially if you have a few weeks off from work, it is best to settle for a month-long vacation. Just like any other place in the world, Cuba, too, is dominated with hundreds of beautiful beaches. The turquoise blue waters give you enough reason for staying happy. So make sure to enjoy a long vacation in Cuba.

  1. The Culture of Cuba is Lovely

If you are fond of music and dance, Cuba will do justice to your visit. Cuban salsa and music have always held immense importance for tourists. Intriguingly, Cubans love to start their day with the beat of the music. Even if you’re sitting in an average bar of Havana, you will be welcomed with the beats of amazing Cuban lyrics. As they say, with lovely music comes great dance. Cuban salsa is another reason for people to visit the state. If you want to learn Cuban salsa, enroll in the local classes. The dance classes are held every day for the locals and tourists to keep the culture alive.

  1. The Lovely Weather

The intriguing thing to note about Cuban weather is, it is warm and tropical for most time of the year. This is what makes Cuba the ideal holiday destination for anyone in the world. With almost 8 hours per day, there are almost 300 lovely sunny days throughout the year. You will be exposed to plenty of sunshine in this state. Intriguingly, this state has just two seasons: the dry season that lasts from November to April and the iconic wet season that falls between May and October. Furthermore, the state is encapsulated by cool breezes and amazing rainfalls.