4 Incredible Things That You Can Do To Explore Japan In 2020

4 Incredible Things That You Can Do To Explore Japan In 2020

No doubt, Japan is one of the favorite countries of many international visitors. If you are planning to visit Japan, then be ready to fall head over heels in love with its dynamic and fascinating places. Read the article to find out the best places that you can explore in Japan:

#1: Experience the Mesmeric Views of Mount Fuji

If you’ve never thought about chasing the best views of Mount Fuji in Japan, then you must now. Mount Fuji is an active volcano situated in the southwest of Tokyo. It is usually recognized as “Fuji-San.” Mount Fuji is the tallest peak in Japan and is the 3rd sacred mountain in the country. Tourists believe that visiting snow-capped Mountain Fuji is a must when traveling to Japan. No visit to the Land of Rising Sun is justified without experiencing the majestic beauty of Fujisan at sunset or sunrise.

If you are an adventure junkie, climbing the top of 3,776m High Mountain should be on top of your list when traveling to Japan. At the end of the day, the tourist views of the holy mountain will offer you endless opportunities to click beautiful pictures near the serene waters of Lake Tanukiko and the crashing waves of Kumomi Kaigan.

#2: Hike Kumano Kodo Trail

The next on your list should be the hiking of the Kumano Kodo trail. If you’re someone who doesn’t prefer to visit crowded places, then you may be pleased to know that you can find peace and solitude places in Japan. Go to Kumano Kodo, and you will absolutely fall in love with nature and out-of-ordinary experiences. The Kumano Kodo is the sister trail of Camino de Santiago (Spain). You can even stay at traditional guesthouses located in the ancient pilgrimage trail of Kumano Kodo.

Hiking is just a unique way to explore a new country. It is an excellent choice to connect with locals living away from major countries. If you have already adjusted the hiking days to fit your Japan travel plans, then it is best that you acquire Japanese eVisa beforehand. You can visit https://www.japan-visa.net/ for more information.

#3: Explore Shrines, Temples, & Japanese Castles

If you are into ancient art and historical architecture, then you should visit shrines, temples, and castles present in Japan. Understandably, Japan is well-recognized for its Shinto religion and Buddhist. International visitors are invited to make wishes as it is said that kami (spirits) listen to the prayers. You can begin exploring Japan by paying visits to famous shrines and temples, including Fushimi Inari, KinKaku-Ji- Temple (Golden Pavilion), Shitenoji (Osaka), Meiji (Tokyo), and Senso-Ji (Tokyo).

Furthermore, you cannot miss out the opportunity to visit Japanese castles. Typically, when we think about castles, Europe is the first place that comes into our mind. But, it wouldn’t be wrong here to mention that Japan holds its own incredible fortresses for international visitors. The most famous castles are easily accessible in Himeji, Osaka, Matsumoto, and Kanazawa.

#4: Dine at Theme Restaurants

When in Japan, how can you not think about dining at the theme restaurants? I mean theme restaurants, hotels, and cafes are the most fun places to explore city life. They are present in great numbers in Japan. Remarkably, there is a wide variety of restaurants that travelers from different countries can feasibly find an option that is appealing to them.

If you are a foodie, you cannot expect the best meals in Japan, but theme restaurants are recommended for the great atmosphere and wild nights. Honestly, tourists don’t come for the food; they come for the unique experience, crazy illustrious shows, scantily clad dancers, giant robots, and pulsating nights.