Pompeo left and the Chinese Ambassador is dead: Pure coincidence?

Pompeo left and the Chinese Ambassador is dead: Pure coincidence?

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo got on a plane last week and in the midst of travel, bans flew halfway across the globe to spend 8 hours in Israel. The official reason was to pursue the Israelis not to trade or invest with China. Pompeo wanted the Israelis to limit their consumption of Chinese goods.

Before leaving Tel Aviv for Washington Pompeo said: “We had a fruitful discussion on ways we can work together to address the many shared challenges we face. As always, the U.S. has a great friend in Israel and our commitment to Israel’s security is unwavering.”  Whatever information was exceeding exchanged, it was apparently too sensitive even for encryption.

Once he returned to Washington US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned the International Criminal Court against asserting jurisdiction over Israel, saying the United States will “exact consequences” for any “illegitimate” investigations in regards to Palestine.

Also on Friday the new Chinese Ambassador to Israel Du Wei said in Tel Aviv “Jews and Chinese will always be friends. They will not allow the Christian west to get in-between this 3000-year-old friendship.” In an interview with the Israeli newspaper Makor Rishon last week, Mr. Du said China was being made the world’s scapegoat. On Friday, his embassy made a scathing attack on US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who had criticized China’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic on a visit to Israel.

The homepage of the Chinese embassy website in Israel states: ” The friendly exchanges between Chinese and Jewish peoples date back to one thousand years ago. Our two peoples admired and supported each other, leaving us with numerous touching stories. Over recent years, the people-to-people exchanges between China and Israel have been growing on a fast track, which injected new vitality to the tree of friendship between our peoples.

China is the second-largest economy in the world and Israel the start-up nation. We have a lot to offer each other, and we have much to achieve through our cooperation. In 2017, leaders of our two countries announced the establishment of the China-Israel Innovative Comprehensive Partnership and unveiled a new chapter for our bilateral relations.

The Chinese Embassy in Israel is committed to promoting friendship and cooperation between our two countries

Ambassador Du Wei was appointed by Beijing only on February 15, but is close to the very top of the Chinese administration said in Tel Aviv:

Pompeo left and the Chinese Ambassador is dead: A Pure coincidence?

Pompeo left and the Chinese Ambassador is dead: A Pure coincidence?

Hours later the ambassador, 57 years old, was found dead in his apartment in Tel Aviv. Israel’s Channel 12 TV, quoting unnamed medical sources, said initial indications were that Mr. Du had died in his sleep of natural causes.

In the meantime, Russia’s president Putin has an apartment in Tel Aviv. His number one advisor in Russia is a Rabbi.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel was talking to Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a daily basis last week. Is the conversation really all about COVID-19 medication that is being developed in the Jewish State?

Perhaps all of this is pure coincidence!

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