Lanna wedding


This ceremony is being held on the auspicious occasion of a wedding, the beginning of the bridal couple’s new life together. The blessing will require a special offering, adorned with bright colorful divine flowers and sacred threads, which are made from natural elements.

The proceeding begins with the actual blessing by the village elder followed by putting the sacred threads onto the wrists of the bridal couple.

The first part of the blessing is to keep away all evil and bad fortune from the bridal couple, so that they may remain pure and noble both in mind and in spirit. Let nothing untoward come between them. Let there be courage and perseverance for them to face and overcome any obstacles that may come their way. Let there be honesty, understanding and compassion.

The second part is to invite all gods and goddesses – every Holy Spirit and deity including all those divine, both on earth and in heaven – to call upon them as witnesses to this wedding and to bless the bridal couple with all the good things in life. The Lanna people in Northern Thailand believe that all humans embody 32 fundamental elements, which are essential for their existence on earth. The village elder will call upon all of these elements, some of which may have gone astray or left for other reasons, to return to the bridal couple on this auspicious occasion and to remain forever in happiness and contentment as the sacred threads are tied to bind these two souls together as one.

May they spend the rest of their lives together in unity, prosperity and married bliss for eternity and beyond.