Mo Ibrahim Foundation Calls for Action from Africa

COVID -19 in Africa  

Mo Ibrahim Foundation Calls for Action from Africa

The African governance and leadership enhancing organization, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, has endorsed the “Call for Action” from African and European leaders to address the need for strong and collective leadership to tackle the spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic in Africa.

In its just released statement from London in the United Kingdom, the Mo Foundation has called for “Action From Africa” to address the multiple, interconnected, and cumulative efforts to control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic to the continent.

In the statement, leaders of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation said that they were of the view that only a global victory that fully includes Africa can bring the pandemic to an end.

“We must indeed address, together and at the same time, and the sooner the better, the need to strengthen Africa’s emergency health response capacity; share scientific knowledge and expertise to ensure the relevant humanitarian supply for the most affected communities,” the Foundation leaders said.

They stated that food security to avert the African people from dying from hunger in front of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to deploy a massive economic stimulus package also should be at the beginning with immediate debt relief.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis, the first of its kind in our contemporary world at this level, depth, and width. It makes no distinction of race or country, and knows of no borders, Mo Ibrahim Foundation leaders said.

“Africa is facing a severe challenge. It will only be solved with collective and coordinated efforts. This is a matter of shared interest,” the statement from the Foundation reads.

The statement said that in most countries, it will prove difficult at best to implement the measures adopted by more developed countries, such as social distancing, public health campaigns, and generous financial support offered to people and businesses.

Many economies, whether mostly driven by commodity exports or sustained by high-debt levels, will be highly disrupted. For most of the continent and its people, the economic crisis will hit hard and long.

“This situation will destroy recent progress and worsen already existing fragilities with all its consequences,” the Mo Ibrahim Foundation leaders said in their statement.

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation also welcomed the recent appointment by the African Union of the 4 COVID-19 Special Envoys – Donald Kaberuka, Trevor Manuel, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, and Tidjane Thiam.

“These great African brothers and sisters are close friends of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, with Donald Kaberuka one of Mo Ibrahim Foundation’s Board members, and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala a member of the Foundation’s inaugural Prize Committee.

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation was established in 2006 with a focus on the critical importance of political leadership and public governance in Africa. The foundation aims to promote meaningful change on the continent.

Chairman of the Foundation Mr. Mo Ibrahim talked about in a recent interview with BBC Focus on Africa the need for international cooperation in relation to combating COVID-19 in Africa and around the world.

Following the recent decision taken by the United States to stop funding the World Health Organization (WHO), Mo stressed the need for greater international collaboration explaining that.

“This is not the time to turn our backs on our international organization; we need it more than any time to deal with what is a global pandemic. We need to act together,” Mo said.

He also applauded the “Call for Action” commitment recently issued by 18 African and European leaders for an urgent debt moratorium and unprecedented health and economic aid packages to support African countries in mitigating the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in the continent.

On Africa-China relations, given recent reports of mistreatment of Africans in China, Mo highlighted again the importance of international cooperation.

“It’s not in anybody’s interest to escalate these incidences. What we ask is for the Chinese government to step up quickly and deal with this. I am all for globalization and cooperation between nations, and China is part of that,” Mo said.

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation is an African foundation, established in 2006 with one focus: the critical importance of governance and leadership for Africa. Its conviction is that governance and leadership lie at the heart of any tangible and shared improvement in the quality of life of African citizens.

The Foundation focuses on defining, assessing, and enhancing governance and leadership in Africa through 4 key initiatives.

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