Coronavirus Stats: The World’s New Daily Routine

The global new normal

Coronavirus Stats: The World’s New Daily Routine

Am I the only one that has made checking the daily COVID-19 Coronavirus stats one of the first things I do in the morning? It has gotten to the point where I actually tell myself to stop obsessing and just don’t look, but I cannot not look. I keep hoping that the numbers won’t jump so high, that one day the number isn’t going to change.

The coronavirus stats seem to be fairly consistent no matter what website you check. But what the numbers don’t tell you is how long this new normal is going to last. The answer to that question has become a very hot topic causing nerves to rankle.

Yes, of course, we all want things to get back to what we find comfortable – people going to work, visiting family and friends and getting together to watch a game or go on a picnic. We want to shop again wherever we want, for as long as we want, and with whomever we want. We want to go out to a restaurant, whether that it be Michelin-star or a booth at McDonald’s. Give us concerts and movies in actual theatres. Even a traffic jam, for goodness sakes!

But for now, with the coronavirus stats as they are, we will stay put. We will remain focused on being diligent and hopeful. We will remind ourselves not to forget what we are learning. That the most important things in life really cannot be bought. That it is our family and our friends that mean the most, and if we have to meet virtually over Zoom, so be it. Humans are very adaptable. Humans are very steadfast. We shall overcome.

So for now, let’s turn off the coronavirus stats counter, and pull out a board game, and enjoy our time together.

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