Airlines now in good shape while U.S. blames World Health Organization for COVID-19

WHO responsible for the Spread of COVID19 - U.S. is halting payment to World Health Organization

Airlines now in good shape while U.S. blames World Health Organization for  COVID-19

The World Health Organization is to blame for so many deaths and the spread of COVID-19, according to U.S. President Trump.

At the same time, the President said United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, Spirit, Alaska, and Hawaiian Airlines are in good shape. Today, the President confirmed an agreement was made with US-based airlines to guarantee paychecks and put them on track.

The President said it was a powerful agreement.

The largest commercial airlines in the U.S. and Europe are undergoing financial, operational, and organizational measures in reaction to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus as the aviation industry deals with the most unprecedented occurrence it has ever faced.

In the same press conference, President Trump said the World Health Organization (WHO) failed in not investigating human-to-human transmission of the COVID-19 virus. He added that such delays entailed a tremendous amount of time that prevented from keeping the outbreak under control.

The President said the WHO failed to get doctors to China. This would have contained the virus and caused a worldwide epidemic and financial losses. WHO said there was no need for a travel ban and praised China. WHO reliance on China caused a 20-fold increase with their mistakes at the least.

The US cannot trust the World Health Organization. WHO was not truthful and not transparent. So much deaths were caused by WHO, President Trump.

The President said the United States will continue to work with WHO but also other sources. The U.S. will halt funding of the US$400-500 million spend with WHO. The president said there will be powerful discussions about what the U.S. will do with the money they send to the World Health Organization.

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