Former MPI Director insight on the future of the MICE industry

Former MPI Director insight on the future of the MICE industry
FACE2FACE Meetings stands for Cutting edge professionals you deserve, without paying a fortune.
This is the Mission Statement for FACE2FACE Meeting in Las Vegas under the leadership of Jordan D. Clark, the CEO, and managing partner.
Jordan is also the organizer of the 25th twenty-fifth anniversary of the planned  Las Vegas International Tourism
Security and Safety Conference. with Safertourism Dr. Peter Tarlow. This conference was planned for April and canceled due to Coronavirus.
Jordan was the former President of Sales for Harrah’s Entertainment in Las Vegas and was appointed to the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) 2010-2011 Board of Directors.

Jordan D. Clark, has been involved in the meetings industry for nearly 30 years.

The foundation of our company is based on Performance Improvement through Meetings.
Not only does he agree that the Meetings Industry as a whole is undervalued and often ignored, but he also believes that the industry has been undernourished as a catalyst for positive change and growth.

He believes that both internal meetings within an organization and external meetings in the form of conferences, conventions and tradeshows are actually engines that drive collaboration and business success. Face2Face Performance Partners was founded to assist companies and organizations to grow and improve performance.

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