Hainan Airlines resumes flights to Wuhan – origin of COVID-19 pandemic

Hainan Airlines resumes flights to Wuhan – origin of COVID-19 pandemic

China’s Hainan Airlines has resumed commercial flights from Hainan to Wuhan. The airline also announced that it intends to gradually increase the number of flights.

On April 8, the air carrier conducted the first flight along this route in the last two and a half months. Flight HU7659 delivered 112 passengers to Wuhan Tianhe Airport from the administrative center of Hainan — the city of Haikou. At the same time, flights to Wuhan from the city of Sanya in the southern part of the island were resumed as well.

According to the rules, before each departure, the cabins of Hainan Airlines aircraft must undergo a complete disinfection, and all the filters in air conditioners must be replaced. This minimizes the risk of infection coming in through the ventilation system. At the same time, the crew undergo intensive training as well: flight attendants and pilots are prepared to do what is necessary in case of emergency amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since late January, Hainan Airlines aircraft were used 24 times for emergency transportation to Wuhan and the adjacent province of Hubei with medical personnel and humanitarian aid. The company helped deliver more than 2,800 doctors and nurses, over 1,100 tonnes of drugs there, allocating about 30 million yuan ($ 4.2 million) to support this region of China.

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