Great news on Coronavirus from Germany: Curve is flattening!

Robert Koch Institute says Germany was able to flatten the curve

Great news on Coronavirus from Germany: Curve is flattening!

Everyone in the world is waiting for some positive news in regards to the spread of Coronavirus.

Professor Dr. Lothar Wieler, Chief of RKI today had both good news, but also added a word of concern.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is a German federal government agency and research institute responsible for disease control and prevention. It is the leading government-funded agency in Germany in the war against COVID-19.

Great news on Coronavirus from Germany: Curve flattening!

Professor Dr. Lothar Wieler

Flatten the curve is the message everyone wants to see in regards to the virus. When COVID-19 started spreading one infected person gets 5 other persons sick before social distancing.

In  Germany, social distancing seems to work. The country was able to bring the numbers down to one infected person only infects one other person.

Wieler hopes this number could be pushed under one in the next few days.

A concern is that the available number of intensive care beds will only be sufficient in Germany if this number can be pushed way below one.

RKI  assumes the low number of deaths in Germany is not correct since some people die without having ever been tested for the virus.  A diagnosis after death is difficult and is often not done.

However, the overall success after 2 weeks of strict measures in Germany can be seen as a success.

Currently, the country registered 84,794 infected people, 1107 died, and 22440 people recovered from COVID-19.

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