Why Egypt is the Perfect Destination to Rekindle your Romance

Why Egypt is the Perfect Destination to Rekindle your Romance

Egypt is celebrated for its ancient civilization and iconic monuments such as the pyramids and pharaoh tombs. But did you know that this mystic country could be what your romance needs? Read on.

Although the stakes may be hyperbolic, the point is sound: travel is a test kitchen for a lasting relationship! When romantic partners spend uninterrupted time together in unfamiliar territory, the challenges that arise can truly test their mettle. But for those who withstand hardship, the benefits of travel-centric relationships are magnanimous, as backed up by studies.

For instance, a study published in the Journal of Travel Research revealed that couples who traveled together experienced improved communication and connectivity that spreads into their homes. Similarly, the U.S. Travel Association conducted a survey that evidenced that partners who undertook regular trips have higher levels of satisfaction and intimacy in their relationships.

How does this happen?

There’s a consensus among therapists that taking a vacation, such as a beach holiday, safari exhibition, or cruise in the Nile, can allow us to open our minds to new thoughts, allowing us to unplug and step into an experience that’s far more relaxing and intimate. Here is why:

  • Open Minds Leads to Open Hearts: traveling opens couples up to greater learning and compassion. Touring new countries opens partners’ minds to experience new things together, and their world becomes much more robust. Besides, it’s widely held that traveling nourishes the soul, especially when it’s done together by couples.


  • Better for Problem Solving: visiting a variety of destinations encourages couples to relax, allowing you greater awareness and open-mindedness required to solve your relationship problems. This goes a long way towards having a healthier relationship and manageable life.


  • More Fun: as adults, we’re often tied to our daily responsibilities we forget to take some time to relax and enjoy our relationships. It’s no wonder that busy life normally comes with diminished romance. Vacationing, especially in new destinations, offers couples the freedom to stop, play, connect laugh, and be silly, tapping into those areas that are often neglected in the hustles of everyday life.


  • Distraction-free Interaction: when you vacation together with your partner, it allows you time to really talk, not just about family or work issues, but about your relationship. Most frequently, it allows both of you a chance to reconnect with the energy that first drew you together in the first place.


  • Sex: Apparently there is scientific reasoning behind the phrase “wanderlust can inspire bedroom lust”. Relationship fire usually burns out when care and attention also lessen. Traveling as a couple inspires relaxation, experimentation, and spontaneity, vital components to sexual satisfaction. When done correctly, traveling can indeed add an infusion of enthusiasm into flaccid sex life.

Why Egypt? 

Choosing a perfect romantic destination can be a massive dilemma for many. From budget restrictions to endless options and different preferences, these dilemmas can vary. While Egypt is known for its beautiful chaos and rich history, you’d be surprised by the number of romantic sites found in this country. This hypnotic nation greets you with towering temples, mighty pyramids, and sand-covered tombs that bring out the curious explorer in every person who visits the land of the Pharaohs.

Backed by its rich history that goes back centuries, Egypt illustrates mankind’s biggest triumphs & achievements, and some of the planet’s most fascinating ruins and artifacts. Cruise the Nile, and your romantic vibe will be elicited beyond measure. The uninterrupted and lesser crowded stretches of the banks of River Nile are particularly pervaded with romantic ambiances and enthralling sceneries.

Without a doubt, Egypt has plenty of unexplored heavens, exhibiting some of the best in the Mediterranean. If you’re looking to add a little fuel to your romance, here are few ideas that make Egypt Travel packages & Egypt Tours, in general, are an idyllic choice for a romantic escape. After all, what better way is there to express great love than a grand gesture. Visit El Gouna: edged by miles of beaches and azure lagoons, El Gouna is somewhat of  a private island made specifically for peace and tranquility. This is a beautiful territory known for some of the most  luxurious hotels, apartments, houses, and gated compounds. Couples will especially be pleased with the beautiful and surreal villas with private pools that overlook the wide lagoons.

It also has some of the best restaurants in the country where visitors can try a variety of different cuisines. Whether you’re interested in trying out new water activities, having a romantic date, taking a private boat to the middle of the sea, or just relaxing, El Gouna is spectacular!

  • Explore Hurghada: this resort is one of the oldest and most famous in Egypt. Offshore is the metachromatic and bizarre Red Sea to explore with your partner. Hurghada is known for its crystal blue beaches and colorful coral reefs. As El Gouna, this place is lined with stunning resorts, some meant purely for romantic and honeymooning getaways. Other than scuba diving and snorkeling, you can also opt to visit some of Hurghada’s awe-inspiring Islands such as Giftun to play with the dolphins. You can also take a romantic wander on the famous Marina Boulevard.


  • Take a Nile Cruise: taking a cruise in the world’s longest river is a time-honored way to explore Egypt. For ages, tourists have sailed stretches of this famous river to experience the unexpected sights of its life, with every bit as thrilling and as unforgettable as the next. From the perfectly carved hieroglyphics at Luxor Temple to the vivid artworks inside the Valley of the Kings’ tombs, everything along this river is mind-bending.


Normally 3 to 5 days long cruise will allow couples to enjoy the fresh river breeze, marvel at temples of the riverbanks, and drink in beautiful landscapes. Sometimes on the deck at dawn, relish the fresh and clean breeze, where everything is wet—from the dew-covered handrails to sparkling green foliage on the banks of the Nile.

Nothing is predictable here.  Egypt has so many activities and treasures to experience; it’s the perfect country for a mix of actions, combining relaxation, romance, adventure, and culture. Take advantage of every opportunity and watch as the unique charm of Egypt bring you closer than ever before!

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