US President Trump: 200,000 dead Americans because of COVID19 would be good news

2 million people in danger of dying in the United Stated due to Coronavirus

US President Trump: 200,000 dead Americans because of COVID19 would be good news

US President Trump today extended the emergency order, what is bringing business and movement to a stop beyond the initial 2 week period until April 30, 2020

Americans along with citizens of countries from around the world will be confined to their homes for at least another 30 days. It also means tourism, aviation is expected to remain idle in the largest travel and consumer market in the world.

The decision by President Trump will be hurting the economy tremendously but is widely seen as absolute necessities. Some say this may only the beginning of a significantly longer period.

The president also predicted the peak of the virus danger and death rates should be expected in about two weeks.

Americans need to stay home for another 30 days, and this decision is based on scientific data. A 30-minute test result kit was also introduced to the American market and it is expected this would be an important tool to get data on the virus.

The president later said: “We will not exempt any States. This order will apply to the entire country.”

“If we did nothing, 2.2 million people may die,” President Trump said in his press conference. He said it is justifying the $ 2.2 trillion investment.
The president said: If we can bring the number of death down to 200,000 we would have done a great job.”

President Trump said: “I want to have the country back, I wanted the world to come back. There are 151 countries that need to get their countries back!” He added: “There is a great spirit in our country. This is about death, and everyone wants this to end. Insurance companies, landlords and businesses are willing to work together. This is a big change from just weeks ago.”

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