The Coronavirus Song! Starring President George Welsh from Liberia

Fighting Coronavirus with a song and a message: African Style

The Coronavirus Song! Starring President George Welsh from Liberia

This is Africa, this is African Style you will love! Getting his message to the people of Liberia, this singing Head of State,  President George Welsh fights COVID-19 with a song.

George Weah is the president of the West African Country Liberia. Liberia has 3 cases of Coronavirus. The president knows how to fight as a former football star. He wants to maintain a low number of virus cases in his country and has a solution. In the process, he tries to put Liberia on the map of international show business.

The president wants Liberians to observe some simple rules, so the virus would not spread in his country. To get this message across to his people, President Weah rushed to his own recording studio he built to empower local artists.

In his song, “Let Us Stand Together and Fight Coronavirus“, the president explains how the virus is transmitted and calls on Liberians to take the necessary preventive measures announced by health officials and experts to defeat the disease.

The president partnered with both gospel musicians and local secular singers to produce the anti-coronavirus song.

It could be your mama, it could be your papa, brother, and sisters. Let’s stand together to fight this dirty disease now. What kinds of the world we live in full of uncertainty, no security everything but everything is possible,” Weah speaks in the song.

The government already implemented several measures in two regions within the country, including a ban on public gatherings; school and houses of worship closures as well as suspension of flights in order to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Weah hopes to appeal to music lovers across the nation of some 4.5 million people to ensure Covid-19 does not spread further than the three cases already confirmed in the capital Monrovia.

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