Australia’s special warning for cruise ships and travel to Indonesia or global

Australia’s special warning for cruise ships and travel to Indonesia or global

The Foreign Office in Australia posted the following global travel warning saying:
We advise all Australians to not travel overseas at this time, including on international cruises.

Disruptions to cruise ship itineraries due to COVID-19 can have significant consequences for travelers. The situation is fluid and you can expect further disruptions.

The Australian Government is aware of a number of cruise ships that have had itineraries impacted by the global outbreak of COVID-19, including some ships that have suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 aboard

.If you’re in Indonesia and wish to return to Australia, we recommend you do so as soon as possible. Flight options to Australia are rapidly decreasing as airlines reduce flights significantly or cease them altogether.

Australia’s special warning for cruise ships and travel to Indonesia or global

Indonesia has confirmed more COVID-19 cases. Foreign nationals are among those who have died with COVID-19 in Indonesia, including in Bali. The risk of transmission is increasing across the Indonesian archipelago, including in Bali. Indonesian authorities advise that COVID-19 patients will be required to be treated in Indonesia and medical evacuation will not be permitted. Medical evacuation to Australia for other non-COVID-19 cases may not be possible and, if it is, is very expensive. It may not be covered by travel insurance. Indonesia has suspended visas on arrival for all visitors including Australians, and visa applications to an Indonesian diplomatic mission overseas will require a health certificate.

If you choose to stay, note our ability to provide consular assistance may be very limited due to restrictions on movement and other services. For passport or consular services call or email in advance for an appointment. Follow the advice of local authorities, take care to protect yourself from exposure to COVID-19, make preparations for an extended stay in the event you are unable to leave, and stay in touch with family and friends.

In Australia pubs, indoor sporting venues and churches have now closed across Australia, under strict social-distancing measures to combat coronavirus, as Senator Rex Patrick became the fourth politician to test positive.

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