What flights will continue on Emirates Airlines for passenger travel?

Emirates corrected earlier announcement: Some passenger flights will continue to operate

What flights will continue on Emirates Airlines for passenger travel?

Flying to or through Dubai on Emirates? There will be flights on Emirates that still continue at this time during the COVID-19 shutdown.

There seems to be a big confusion in Emirates Airlines’ earlier decision to suspend all passenger flights. Hours after the initial cancellation of all passenger flights the  Dubai based airline corrected its statement:

Emirates Airlines now says it will suspend most passenger flights as of Thursday.

An EK spokesperson now says:

“Having received requests from governments and customers to support the repatriation of travelers, Emirates will continue to operate flights to the following countries until further notice, as long as borders remain open, and there is demand:

It includes flights from and to  Dubai to the UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, USA, and Canada.

We aim to provide affected customers with updated information as early as possible.

To receive the latest notifications on flights, customers should ensure their contact details are updated by visiting manage my booking. Customers can also check the website for their flight status.

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