Ready to get on a European Cruise without plane?

Unique Travel opportunities after Coronavirus

Ready to get on a European Cruise without plane?

Germany with the rest of the world is going through a complete stop of the travel and tourism industry. This time out gives creative tour operators to think about how to relaunch business after the crisis. Commundus Reisen in Duesseldorf, Germany identified the ideal combination, a train and cruise journey in August 2020

Getting on an airplane however may still be a challenge in August, but going on a cruise and arriving by rail may be a new trend and a new adventure for German tourists after COVID-19

A special cruise with MS Amera from Lisbon to Bremerhaven in Germany is offered by Comundus Reisen, a Duesseldorf based travel company.  Passengers will get to board their cruise in Lisbon after a scenic train journey from Germany with a night in Paris at the 4 star Holiday Inn Paris Gare Montparnasse, including a French dinner. A second night is planned in Bilbao at the 4-star Hotel Barcelo Nervion next to the Guggenheim museum. A tour to San Sebastian and Pamplona is on the agenda.

After arrival in the Portuguese capital city, Lisbon passenger will board then MS Amara. The cruise will include stops in Santiago de Compostela, Bordeaux with Saint Emilion, Stonehenge, London or Amsterdam. From Amsterdam, a luxury train ride back to Bremerhaven will conclude the trip, just in time to participate at the “Sail” carnival.

A German documentary “Crazy for the Ocean” may be filmed on your cruise so you have a chance to become a movie star. Click here for more information on this extraordinary train cruise journey and count the days to continue travel after the ongoing health-scare. More information on other trips without plane can be found at


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