Heathrow Airport CCO issues COVID-19 Coronavirus statement

Safety measures for passengers and staff

Heathrow Airport CCO issues COVID-19 Coronavirus statement

The Chief Commercial Officer of Heathrow Airport, Ross Baker, issued the following statement on the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis:

I’m writing to reassure you of our commitment to your safety and that of our colleagues in light of the current global Coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak.

The safety and wellbeing of our passengers and colleagues is always our number one priority which is why, since January, we’ve implemented a number of measures at the airport to keep you safe through this difficult time.

These measures include:

  • The provision of over 200 hand sanitizer dispenser locations across the airport
  • An increase to our, already thorough, cleaning procedures
  • Leaflets with advice handed to all passengers and Government information posters in place around the airport
  • Enhanced monitoring of all flights including early liaison with flight crews on suspected cases and the presence of Public Health England doctors and professionals
  • The creation of a dedicated, isolated, terminal pier area to be used by Public Health England medical professionals while liaising with suspected cases
  • Our Airport Fire Service have been provided with additional Personal Protection Equipment and training in case they are required to act as first responders to suspected cases.

All of our measures are in line with the official advice from Public Health England, who we continue to work closely with.

While many of the measures may not be highly visible to passengers, rest assured they are in place and follow medical, clinically driven, advice.

The best advice for you as passengers remains to maintain good hand hygiene, washing your hands regularly for 20 seconds with soap, and warm water if possible. If you’re feeling unwell, please follow Government advice and contact NHS 111 if needed.

The UK Government is now advising against all but essential travel to many countries, cities and regions. You can find out more information on this and other queries you may have around your journey via our dedicated information page on Coronavirus.

For Heathrow Express passengers, you can change your travel date free of charge.

On behalf of all of my colleagues and our Team Heathrow partners, I’d like to thank you for your patience and support at this time.

See Heathrow Coronavirus FAQs

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