Latin America update on coronavirus (COVID- 19) pandemic

Latin America update on coronavirus (COVID- 19) pandemic

The countries in Latin America are taking preventative measures in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID- 19) pandemic.

On monday March 16th, the government of Belize announced the closure of all borders except the Santa Elena Border (Northern border); Any nationality who have traveled within the 30 days from Europe, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and China will be prohibited entry to Belize.

Guatemala UPDATE
On March 16th, the government of Guatemala has confirmed 6 cases of COVID- 19. Authorities announced the closure of its borders over the next 15 days. From Thursday, March 12th, Guatemala will prevent people travelling from China,  Japan, Corea, United States, Canadá, Iran and European Countries from entering Guatemala.

El Salvador UPDATE
The government of El Salvador on march 17th, announced the closure of the International Airport operations for the next 15 days. Only for cargo transport and humanitarian aid will be open.  Authorities prohibit entry to all foreigners over the next 15 days through March 31st, 2020.

On March 15th, the government of Honduras inform that has 3 new cases of coronavirus, making a total of 6 cases, and announced the closure of its borders to the transit of people. This includes land, sea and air borders from Monday, March 16th, 2020.

The government of Nicaragua continue without any suspected or confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID- 19) and has not imposed any restrictions or any quarantine policies as a result of the worldwide outbreak.

Costa Rica 
The government of Costa Rica has 41 confirmed cases of COVID- 19 on Monday, March 16th, and declared a State of Emergency. The country will close its borders to foreigners and non-residents staring on Wednesday, March 18th. This include air, land or sea borders. This travel restrictions will continue through Sunday, April 12th

On March 15th, the Panamanian government has prohibited all foreigners from entering Panamá due to coronavirus (COVID- 19) for next 13 days

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