Cruise ship unable to dock in Bahamas receives critical medicines

Helicopter drops supplies to ship stopped by COVID-19 coronavirus

Cruise ship unable to dock in Bahamas receives critical medicines

Medicines that were not related to COVID-19 coronavirus treatment, but were standard prescription items were urgently required by passengers of the MS Braemar cruise ship. These prescriptions were delivered via helicopter on Saturday, March 14, 2020.

RCIPS Air Operations Unit brought in the supplies from Cayman, considered an emergency operation especially for those passengers in need of their prescriptions. The operation was coordinated by the Governor’s Office and the British High Commission in Nassau.

The supplies were landed in the Bahamas and were delivered to the ship, which  is off Grand Bahama, by the British High Commission. The operation was authorized by Governor Martyn Roper and Premier Alden McLauglin.

The MS Braemar has over 680 passengers on board most of whom are British. They include a number of people who are in urgent need of the medicines.

The Governor commented, “Once again we are extremely grateful to the team at the RCIPS Air Operations Unit for their service. This mission was vital to ensure the passengers on the Braemar had access to life saving medicines. My thanks also go to the pharmacy team at the HSA for providing such a professional response.”


Premier Alden McLaughlin said, “This is a time when the world needs to come together to help each other. The RCIPS helicopter has proved vital in saving lives not only in Cayman but also in the region. This operation was essential to provide vital medicines to vulnerable passengers and I am pleased that here in Cayman we have the capability to protect people at home but also to help those in distress on the sea.”

MS Braemar (formerly Crown Dynasty, Crown Majesty, and Norwegian Dynasty)  is a cruise ship, currently operating with Fred Olsen Cruise Lines. During her Cunard ownership, she was marketed as Cunard Crown Dynasty, but her official name remained Crown Dynasty.

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