Ecuador sealed borders and turned back flights

Ecuador sealed borders and turned back flights

The Government of Ecuador has announced a border closure for all incoming foreign travelers,  effective at 23:59 on Sunday, March 15.

At the same time, Ecuador has banned all international flights from entering the country and closed its ports and border crossings.

A traveler tweeted: We are stuck in Colombia, we were not able to get a flight to Ecuador before the border is to close, there are only three flights and we waited in line for 4 hours, to be told that there are no more seats, so we are stuck here until the border opens again.

Another reader tweeted: I’m a Canadian resident stuck in Ecuador with a border closing in about 30 hours. I had a fight home that was suddenly canceled. Please help me – I desperately want to get home.

Currently, Ecuador has 28 coronavirus cases, 2 were added today, but no one died in Ecuador on the virus yet.

Ecuador is the first country in South America implementing a border closure due to Coronavirus.


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