South Africa Tourism closing

RSA follows African Tourism Board recommendation

South Africa Tourism closing

President Matamela Cyril Ramapho from South Africa will close borders to all citizens from high-risk Corononavirus countries.  35 land border ports will be closed.  From Wednesday all schools in South Africa will close as well.

On March 13 the African Tourism Board headquartered in Pretoria, South Africa, suggested to all members and to all African countries to follow the modelNepal had announced or simply close access to their countries to citizens from countries with a high risk of Coronavirus. After this was published by eTurboNews numerous countries in Africa directly or indirectly followed this direction to protect the future of tourism to the continent.

South Africa currently has 51 cases of COVID-19, but 13 were just reported today.
Numbers of cases throughout Africa were reported in 26 countries yesterday, but the overall number is still low.

As suggested by the African Tourism Board it’s time to act immediately to protect the fragile health system in many African countries and secure tourism for the future and not rely on a short term gain and loose for the long term.

Details of the upcoming presidential order are pending.

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