COVID 19 in 26 African Countries is destroying Tourism

COVID 19 in 26 African Countries is destroying Tourism

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Coronavirus is spreading in Africa destroying the continent’s travel and tourism industry. It’s also threatening the livelihood of millions. The  274 cases of COVIS19 in 26 countries is still a very low number compared to 156,536 cases worldwide, but there is a lot more to the numbers.

Africa is fragile in many ways. Substandard medical facilities may constitute an unspecific and most likely large number of coronavirus cases not yet detected.

For example, Kenya only has one case of Coronavirus, but the countries’ main source markets in tourism (USA, Europe, Asia) are closed. Domestic and intra-Africa tourism is not enough to substitute.

Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife Najib Balala told local media in Kenya, that the country is putting aside 5 million US to be used to restore destination confidence to ensure that Kenya remains a preferred travel destination globally. This may just be a drop of what is needed to restart tourism in Kenya and help those that will be hurt. Way more is needed. By the time COVID19 will be history, many in Africa may have had to close their tourism business.

Destinations like Kenya, like Seychelles, like Eswatini, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Reunion and many more depend on tourism in so many ways.  Today’s first case in Seychelles and Eswatini may be a game-changer.

Nations like Zambia, Sierra Leone, Mauritius, Zimbabwe are still free of the virus. Should they still promote tourism?
The African Tourism Board urges against.

Continue  tourism during COVID19 may not only be impossible, but it could mean one could spread the virus to millions. There are no winners in Africa, there are no winners in the world, but Africa is most fragile and needs to be smart.

Currently, the continent has registered the following cased of COVD19:

  • Egypt: 109
  • South Africa: 38
  • Algeria: 37
  • Senegal: 21
  • Morocco: 18
  • Tunisia: 18
  • Reunion: 6
  • Nigeria: 2
  • Burkina Faso: 2
  • Cameroon: 2
  • Ivory Coast: 2
  • DRC: 2
  • Ghana: 2
  • Namibia: 2
  • Seychelles: 2
  • Sudan: 1
  • Ethiopia: 1
  • Gabon: 1
  • Guinea: 1
  • Equatorial Guinea: 1
  • Kenya: 1
  • Mauritania: 1
  • Mayotte: 1
  • Rwanda: 1
  • Eswatini: 1
  • Togo:1

274 cases in 26 countries

The African Tourism Board had a tough recommendation, and it was for African countries to close their borders following the Nepal Model.

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