Spain closed up the entire country: Tourists stranded

Spain: Plenty of toilet paper, but no food

Spain closed up the entire country: Tourists stranded

Spain quarantines their entire country. All residents in the kingdom are encouraged to stay home, except in an emergency. Tourists are stuck at their hotels left with no information on how to get home.  The measure is in place to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

The measure will be put in place at 8 am on Monday morning, according to El País .

Spain currently records 6023 Coronavirus cases up 791 Saturday. Spain is also Europe’s most popular holiday destination. Spain is now closed to the rest of the world. 192 people died on COVID19 infection. It all started with one isolated case on February 25 at the Costa Adeje Palace Resort on Tenerife, Canary Islands.

The Spanish government announced that it is placing tight restrictions on movement for the nation of 46 million people while declaring a two-week state of emergency to fight the sharp rise in coronavirus infections.

News agency Europa Press and daily newspaper El Mundo reported the drastic step shortly before Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez was due to address the nation.

In the meantime, tourists are stranded all over Spain unable to leave, since their flights are canceled.

eTN reader Franke from Cologne, Germany writes from Lanzarote. “We’re enjoying the beach and a drink. No flights to Germany – will see.”

In Spain Closed beaches, crowded restaurants and the worry about lost jobs in the travel and tourism industry. On Monday, Spain is quarantined, according to a government order.

Spain is not alone. Borders are closed in Austria, Czech Republic,  Poland, Hungary and Italy. 



An eTN reader sends this picture and from Spain and say: “We have plenty of toilet paper, but no food”

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