Ski season finishes early in Austria on Sunday

Ski season finishes early in Austria on Sunday

Skiing in Austria is so much fun, and the fun will end early when all ski lifts will stop operating the end of Sunday, and hotels in Austria’s ski region want guests to check out by the latest Monday, March 16.

The reason is Coronavirus. Austria, and specifically the famous and beautiful Tyrol area shares a border with Italy. South Tyrol, what is also German-speaking is actually Italy and already closed from the rest of the world after Italy ordered everyone to observe a nationwide lockdown.


Austria has 361 reported cases of  COVID-19 infections and only one death so far. Neighboring Italy has 15113 cases with 1016 people dead, Germany to the South of Austria and also famous ski regions has 2745 cases with 6 dead.  Neighboring Switzerland has 868 cases with 7 dead, and even tiny Liechtenstein sandwiched between Austria and Switzerland now has 4 patience and no fatal cases.

Austria had taken an extraordinary step in closing the border to Italy not allowing Italians to enter the country. Both Austria and Italy are a member of the border-free Schengen region. Coronavirus now destroyed the dream of Europe without borders.


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