COVID-19: Cabo Verde Airlines stops flying from Sal to Washington

COVID-19: Cabo Verde Airlines stops flying from Sal to Washington

Cabo Verde Airlines temporarily suspended its flights from Cabo Verde to Washington due to significantly-reduced customer demand prompted by global health concerns related to COVID-19. The suspension is currently set from  March 8 to May 31, 2020. eTurboNews reported, this flight was launched in December of last year.

The current virus outbreak is affecting airlines worldwide. As a result of the outbreak, passenger demand has decreased significantly. Consequently, airlines have been reducing their flight schedules which also impacts Cabo Verde Airlines.

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Cabo Verde Airlines closely monitors those destinations where the impact of COVID-19 is most pronounced, and passengers affected by the flight cancellations will be contacted to accommodate any changes to their travel needs. Those who have booked through a travel agent will be contacted by their agency directly beginning March 9, or they can reach out to their travel agency.

Until now, there are no cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Cape Verde. Cabo Verde Airlines considers that Sal Island and the archipelago remains a safe destination for travelers, and the airline will continue to serve other destinations in accordance with market demand.

The company has already published a contingency plan for passenger re-protection on its website and continues to monitor the outbreak and WHO recommendations worldwide in order to resume normal operations.

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