Oban stresses need to talk in tongues at World Travel Market


Oban Multilingual will be sponsoring a World Travel Market seminar on From Brochures to Multilingual SEO – Global Content is Key as part of the Travel Technology at WTM Seminar Program in association with Genesys, at 1230-1330 on Tuesday, November 11 at World Travel Market.

“Without doubt, WTM is the show for the travel market, and OBAN is very pleased to be sponsoring and exhibiting at the show. The focus of our presentation will be on multilingual SEO/SEM and the opportunities that it offers the travel industry,” said Greig Holbrook, Oban’s founding director.

Jo Marshall, World Travel Market’s Travel Technology sales manager, said: “At World Travel Market we understand global markets, and our sponsor Oban is underlining how important it is to provide Internet websites in different languages for today’s browsers. As over 900 million Internet users do not have English as their first language, our new sponsorship program has helped to drive the message home by highlighting these key research findings.”

Findings from Oban Multilingual’s most recent research study reveals the latest global trends in online behavior for the travel industry.

Done in partnership with EyeforTravel, the research shows that international internet surfers are expanding their search horizons to sites that give them more international usability, more options, ease of use and of course, traveler reviews.

“These trends are of major relevance to any travel industry-related website,” said Greig Holbrook. He plans to present details of the findings of the study at the show.

“What the results clearly show is that travel search is a very culturally diverse activity, and that search plays a huge part in both the research and purchase of holidays for global travelers,” said Greig.

Oban is a leading multilingual search engine optimization (SEO) company with production offices worldwide. The Oban team possesses specialist knowledge in the travel industry, helping global operators maximize their international SEO and search engine marketing (SEM).

Through the Face of Global Search, Oban found that many international travelers search the web for travel solutions, but simply can’t find the travel-related information in their own language (which is increasingly not English).

The most interesting trends were in the correlations that Oban found within the data. Watch for them to be revealed during Oban’s presentation at World Travel Market.

Greig Holbrook, director at Oban Multilingual will also put the case for global content to be multilingual as over 900 million internet users do not speak English as a first language and this number is growing daily. Effective global content ranges from having the right key phrases and content on websites for search engine optimization to culturally-appropriate content in online brochures.

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