Prestigious Honor for Young Tourism Professional bestowed by PATA

2020 PATA Face of the Future

Prestigious Honor for Young Tourism Professional bestowed by PATA

The CEO of the PATA Nepal Chapter, Suresh Singh Budal, is a young, proactive, and passionate tourism professional with leadership aspirations to serve towards the sustainable development of tourism in Nepal and the region. So, it is fitting that Budal was named today as the 2020 PATA Face of the Future.

“On behalf of everyone at the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), I would like to congratulate Suresh on winning the 2020 PATA Face of the Future award. Having worked closely with him as the CEO of the PATA Nepal Chapter, he has been a consistent champion for the tourism industry in Nepal and for the mission of PATA in acting as a catalyst for the responsible development of travel and tourism in the region,” said PATA CEO Dr. Mario Hardy. “As a tourism lecturer in Nepal, he understands the importance of human capital development and empowering the next generation of young tourism professionals, as highlighted by the growth of the PATA Nepal Student Chapter and by his assistance in bringing PATA Human Capacity Development Programs to the country. This award will provide him greater exposure in Nepal and throughout the industry, allowing PATA the opportunity to further its mission across the region.”

“It is indeed a matter of great honor and privilege for me to receive the prestigious recognition as the PATA Face of the Future Award 2020. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude and thankfulness to the entire judging committee, my mentors, the PATA Nepal Chapter and PATA HQ family, the PATA Nepal Student Chapter members, and all who have supported me during the progression of my professional career,” said Suresh. “PATA is ‘undoubtedly’ an unparalleled public and private partnership organization embracing a wide spectrum of tourism industries at international, national, regional as well as local levels with integral advocacy and engagement roles to ensure the sustainable development of tourism.”

Holding a post-graduate degree in Travel and Tourism Management from the Kathmandu Academy of Tourism and Hospitality, he has been actively engaged with the PATA Nepal Chapter since 2013.

Starting his career with the PATA Nepal Chapter as an Executive Officer, Suresh has demonstrated his multifaceted skills and competencies in carrying ahead with PATA’s mission towards engaging young tourism professionals and human capital development. In addition, he has organized various events, networking programs and insightful forums in collaboration with both public and private sector stakeholders in Nepal. He continues to ensure that the PATA Nepal Chapter’s strategic direction is aligned with PATA in building the business, people, networks, brands, and insights for its member organizations and stakeholders, as well as promoting the responsible and sustainable development of travel and tourism throughout the region.

“Travel and tourism is a sensitive industry and extremely volatile in response to the changes in various influencing factors currently happening. The biggest question today is, how we can remain resilient and sustainable to mitigate all the unexpected risks and crisis around the world? A very progressive answer to this question is PATA’s vision for 2020, ‘Partnerships for Tomorrow’. Governments, national tourism boards, tourism businesses, and local community stakeholders all need to work together at different levels and have grater collaborations and partnerships, which is fundamental for the sustainable growth and development of our tourism,” added Suresh. “I look forward to working together with more organizations and industry stakeholders in the country as well as the global tourism fraternity towards achieving our long-term vision for responsible and sustainable tourism development.”

The 2020 PATA Face of the Future is the most prestigious honor open to young tourism professionals in the Asia Pacific region.

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