ITB Berlin: A yes or no tonight

ITB Berlin: A yes or no tonight

Currently, the crisis committee of the German Government is meeting to discuss the Coronavirus threat in Germany and a way forward.

One part of their decisionmaking is to determine if ITB should be taking place as scheduled March 4-8 next week in Berlin.

The Interior Minister and the health minister of the country have different opinions, but a final decision is expected by Friday evening German time.

ITB has been pleading for the event to go forward saying it would create a positive message for the global travel and tourism industry if ITB continues. Many others say this message would be terrible and will put the entire tourism community worldwide and the people of Berlin at unnecessary risk.

WTTC wants the event to go forward. The City of Berlin wants the event to go forward fearing huge losses most likely PATA issued a statement their event at ITB is planned as scheduled at this time.

In an eTurboNews survey now more than 90% of those that responded want ITB to be cancelled. Visitors are canceling, exhibitors are canceling or many are going but scared. It would be a spooky ITB regardless.

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