The world’s least favourite airline?


Tripadvisor’s annual poll of over 8,000 passengers has revealed the low-cost airline as passengers’ least favourite. It’s scored a hat-trick – that’s three years in a row that the airline has come bottom of the Tripadvisor league.

Those asked cited lack of legroom, unfriendly staff and delays as the airline’s main problems. And yet, and yet…

Guess how many people Ryanair says will fly with it this year? 42 million. That’s 42 million passengers who are willing to put up with the lack of legroom, unfriendly staff and delays. Anything for a cheap flight, especially in our credit crunched times.

There was one surprise in the poll, though. No matter how much passengers moan about British Airways, it has, along with Singapore Airlines and Air France, been voted top of the favourite airlines. No matter delays, lost luggage and price hikes – it seems BA is the world’s favourite airline after all.